At Blacksmith we strive to show users simple, relevant and actionable data. Our dashboard offers an easy way to configure and monitor your organization’s CI pipeline.

Accessing the dashboard

You can access the dashboard at where you will be asked to login using GitHub. Once you have installed the Blacksmith app for your organization, the dashboard will automatically sync with your organization’s usage.

All GitHub users that are part of your organization can access the dashboard by simply logging in with their GitHub account.

Usage Overview

The dashboard shows an overview of your organization’s usage for the current month. You can select a date range to understand your organization’s usage for a given period of time. For users with multiple organizations, you can select the organization you want to view in the dropdown menu on the top left.

Just below the organization picker, you can track your organization’s usage of monthly, free minutes. The dashboard also displays a usage breakdown by runner type, to help you better understand your CI costs. In the future we plan to show a breakdown by GitHub workflow and individual jobs as well.


Blacksmith uses Stripe to manage billing. You can add and configure your billing details by clicking on the Billing tab in the navigation bar. If you need any additional information on your invoice, please write to us at [email protected].