Our Mission: Accelerate CI, Economically

We’re a team of engineers dedicated to eliminating the frustration of sluggish Continuous Integration (CI) processes. Blacksmith provides a managed solution featuring high-performance runners for GitHub Actions, designed for seamless integration with a one-line code change. Blacksmith provides up to double the speed of GitHub’s hosted runners and cuts costs by over 50%.

How Blacksmith Stands Out

  • Next-Gen Performance: We leverage cutting-edge gaming CPUs renowned for their superior single-thread performance, ensuring your CI tasks complete faster than GitHub’s decade-old server CPUs. Learn more about our runners here.

  • Cost Efficiency: By utilizing more affordable gaming CPUs, we offer our services at half the price of GitHub’s, making high-speed CI accessible without the premium cost. Discover your potential savings with Blacksmith here.

  • Drop-In Replacement: Transitioning to Blacksmith is as simple as changing a single line in your workflow file.

  • Enhanced Caching: Our custom useblacksmith/cache action quadruples cache interaction speeds to 400MB/s, significantly outpacing GitHub’s cache actions/cache@v3. Read more about our cache action here.

Coming Soon

  • Remote Docker builds with Docker layer caching.
  • ARM runners.
  • Test analytics and flakey test detection.