Runner Types

Instance TagvCPU CountMemory SizeDisk Size
blacksmith28 GB64 GB
blacksmith-2vcpu-ubuntu-220428 GB64 GB
blacksmith-4vcpu-ubuntu-2204416 GB64 GB
blacksmith-8vcpu-ubuntu-2204832 GB64 GB
blacksmith-16vcpu-ubuntu-22041664 GB64 GB
blacksmith-32vcpu-ubuntu-220432128 GB64 GB

Blacksmith maintains a fleet of bare metal gaming CPUs that these runners are orchestrated over. When our fleet has substantial spare capacity, our system automatically bumps a runner to the next tier, at no additional cost to the user. Example: A blacksmith-4vcpu-ubuntu-2204 runner may get bumped to blacksmith-8vcpu-ubuntu-2204 for no additional cost.

Pre-installed Packages

Blacksmith runners are pre-installed with the same dependencies supported by GitHub’s official runner image.

Concurrency Limits

Blacksmith does not impose any concurrency limits. This means that our customers do not have to worry about queuing of their jobs regardless of the number of concurrent jobs running for their organization. Our mission is to offer a truly serverless experience for your CI.

Custom Images

If you’d like to have custom images used with Blacksmith runners - shoot us an email at [email protected].